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Wishlist Item #5 – Make it the blues

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Blues for Uke’n Harmonica

It’s impossible to be blue with a ukulele but it IS possible to play blues on one! In this workshop you will learn introductory blues harmonica techniques and/or a basic blues riff on ukulele to accompany them.

For this workshop you will need a harmonica in the key of F.  A limited number of harmonicas (key of F) will available for sale at the Morris Brothers Music stall in the Music Bazaar for approximately $25 each.




Introduction to Fingerstyle Blues

This introduction to playing fingerstyle blues, uses 12 bar blues as an example. You will learn different techniques such as slide, hammer-on and pull-off to bring different colours to the music. Intermediate level.


Derek Farrell

Key to the Highway: Unlocking the 8 Bar Blues

Tom Richter introduces the ‘little brother’ to the twelve bar blues. The eight bar blues is an essential variation on the standard blues chord progression. Intermediate ukulele.



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