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Where in the World is SunPAC – the new home of SPRUKE

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And how do I get to SunPAC?

A local BUM Jim Bills gives us the low down on the BEST way to get to SunPAC – the new home of SPRUKE 2019.

Well the boring street address is 470 McCullough St, Sunnybank or its right there on Padstow Rd where it changes its name to McCullough Street, BUT it’s more exciting when you consider how ideally located it is for transport.


If you are coming in your eighteen-wheeler from Ipswich or further West, you might wish to follow Kessels Road.  But don’t do that, instead turn southwards down Beaudesert Rd and take a left turn into Boundary Road.  Follow that as it changes names to McCullough and after you cross Mains Road and descend the hill you will see the SunPAC centre in the massive sports fields to your left. There is plenty of parking, but really, not for trucks 😊 so really!! Leave the truck at home, bring the family car, or even the club bus, but not the eighteen-wheeler, and take the Beaudesert Rd via Boundary Road route.

Yes, you can use Kessels and turn right into Mains Rd, and then left into McCullough at the centre of Sunnybank . . , or turn right into Orange Grove Road or turn right at the hospital until you get to McCullough. But hey! You play ukulele? Take the easy directions and enjoy the light traffic.


Now if you are coming from the CBD you can take either exit 11 and follow Mains Road to the centre of Sunnybank – but that’s for the birds. Take the next exit – as if you are heading to Garden City, but turn right and follow the traffic under the Freeway (who’s kidding… M1 parking lot) along Logan Road. Head to the right-hand lane, there will be turning arrows and turn right into Padstow. Take note of the scenery – on the opposite side, eastern corner is Quest Apartment Hotel. They have offered up some amazing deals, with share pricing that ukulele players will love!

Follow Padstow over the hill, through one set of lights and at the bottom of the hill you will see the playing fields on your RIGHT. That’s SunPAC, and who would have guessed, its walking distance from the Quest Apartment Hotel, where SPRUKE attendees get an awesome weekend deal! If you are one of the western visitors – you can drive past SunPAC to get to Quest Apartment Hotel.


If you are a visitor for FNQ, or just across the river and want to use the gateway, access is also super easy.  Just before you become a casualty of the M1 congestion, take the Miles Platting Road off ramp and turn RIGHT. This will lead you directly into Padstow Road and SunPAC – no more turns.

Scenic moment- when you come over the Gateway, that is the Eight Mile Plains Bus Station on your left. If you need to shake off your nights indulgence that is a 3km, 38-minute walk from SunPAC, but you could take a share ride. Quest Apartment Hotel has accommodation for ukulele players and supporters from north of the river also. It’s on your left before you cross Logan Road.


If you are coming via Bus, use the TransLink journey planner to decide your best options. SunPAC is a 17-minute walk from the Sunnybank, Mains Road bus station (Route 139 or 140 are likely contenders). There are also hourly buses from Garden City direct to Granadilla St which is only a few minutes away.



You can use the train, Beenleigh Route. Get off at Sunnybank Station, walk to Station Road and get the 123 bus – If all the connections work, its about 19 minutes Sunnybank Station to SunPAC. (Check the service with the journey planner tho’)


If you are coming from the Goldie, you can struggle through the roadworks on the M1 and take the Gateway off, and then immediately off to Miles Platting Road – you will turn right into Miles Platting opposite the bus station, BUT I wouldn’t do that! 😊

I’m coming from the South and I’ll get off the M1 at Springwood and head over to Logan Road, near the Big Gun. Turn right up Logan Road – it’s mostly 80kph – and then a left into Padstow and over the rise to SunPAC.


Now if you are coming by air, really! Welcome. After you get out of passport control direct the cab down the Gateway Motorway and follow the instructions for North Side residents.


Are you kidding…? Its just down the road from Sunnybank Shopping Plaza… The centre of Sunnybank – shopping, restaurants, cinema, Maccas…  Go your own way 😊


Its really easy to access – even from the cycle way beside the M1!!! The amenities are great. The facilities expansive and will enhance your ukulele playing. And there is an awesome ukulele budget friendly accommodation deal with some great outside rehearsal areas and secure parking!!!

(And if you insist on letting your nav system direct you…. don’t say we didn’t warn you!  So make sure you have a set list of fun road trip songs for the journey! 😊)


Quest Apartments Eight Mile Plains is a SPRUKE 2019 Sponsor.Check out all the info on the great accommodation offer from our sponsors Quest Eight Mile Plains HERE.

Quest Eight Mile Plains- 1 Clunies Ross Court, Eight Mile Plains.  QLD 4113 

OR Take the short cut and head to their website, choose your dates and use the promo code SPRUKE.




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