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SPRUKE 2022 Wrap Up

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We’ve had the Wrap BBQ and SPRUKE – Brisbane’s Ukulele Festival may be officially over for 2022 but like many things this year we’ve had to be adaptable to deliver all the events planned.

It was a huge disappointment to have to postpone our cabaret and workshops, but with a little luck we had fabulous weather and nothing to stop SPRUKE On The Square which was our main event for the festival.

Many thanks to all who made SPRUKE 2022- SPRUKE On The Square happen:

  • Our energetic and dedicated committee to deliver the most ambitious event Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society (BUMS) has ever held. Also to Keryn Henderson, Dave McGrath and Peter Grace for the efforts to secure the grant funding to enable it to happen.
  • The volunteers who donated their time, many were there from 6 am setting up to packing up at 9:30 a festival like ours could never happen without you.
  • Our sponsors for their generosity and support- Morris Brothers Musical Store, Binary Music, Flight Ukulele and Shingle Inn City Hall.
  • All of our talented artists. Your performances were inspirational. We have so much talent in SE Queensland and that was showcased to the rest of Brisbane.
  • SPRUKE 2022 allowed to work with some great people- the Running Boards crew who did our audio and video, Suzi Karim Photography, and the team at Epicure. We learnt much from collaborating with these professionals.

We have a huge amount of images and video to edit and will be releasing that content to the Spruke Festival channels as it is completed over the next few months. You can subscribe to our TouTube channel and hit the bell to be notified when those videos go up.

Many photos have been shared on our Facebook page however you can also see the images from Suzi Karim Photography here in this Google Photo Album

Ukulele Under The Stars – David Hethorn, Vic Kena & Julie Minto. Image credit- Suzi Karim Photography

Congratulations to the winners of our SPRUKE Raffles. Thank you to all who bought tickets and to our generous sponsors Binary Music and the Shingle Inn City Hall for the prizes. You can see all the results here.

We were very humbled by all who chose to keep their tickets for the postponed events and thank you for your patience. If the new dates are no longer suitable you can request a refund of your tickets.

The Night In Paris Cabaret has a new date – Friday 15 July. The day after FĂȘte Nationale Française (Bastille Day) Viva La France! Due to the original date being sold out there have been some additional tables added so get your tickets now if you missed out the first time. All details and tickets available from Trybooking here trybooking.com/BYJMB

Details of new dates for the workshops are being finalised with the presenters and venues and we expect those workshops to start rolling out in August.

The BUMS committee have been very appreciative of the feedback from our performers, sponsors and sprukesters. Sharing some of the love with you all.

“It was a pleasure to be a part of!! I think it was a sensational showcase of the Ukulele…” David Tramacchi (Running Boards)

“Congratulations to the SPRUKE organising committee and everyone involved in making SPRUKE on the Square such a success. Your vision, dedication and hard work paid off helping build the ukulele community in Qld. We were proud to be a sponsor of this amazing event.” Karen Henderson (Binary Music)

“Oh my goodness what a fantastic day. Congratulations to each and everyone who put thus together…my 1st festival and I am pretty sure I had a permanent grin on my face all day.” Bev Liddle

“Wow sounds like an absolute epic feat of Stage Management in coordinating the crew, the tech and all the performers to pull off such a programme.” Daniel Endicott

“Superb event, well done, congratulations to all concerned.” Terry Halton

“Enjoy myself immensely. Thanks.” Anne Marie

Open Mic at the Wrap BBQ. Image credit Lorraine Wallace