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There are just 19 days left to get your applications in to perform at SPRUKE 2013.

We have had amazing responses and are thrilled at the quality of talent that we’ll be showcasing in September. However there is a always room for some more….We want to hear from solo acts, duos, bands, ukulele clubs, and schools. Do it TODAY!

This is also the cutoff date for workshop applications. Is there something you teach or your group does that enhances your playing, performance or experience with the ukulele? We want to know about it! Complete your application today and help us we can make the SPRUKE lineup …fabulous!


The cutoff date for applications is 23rd June 2013 at 6pm and the SPRUKE Festival Committee will advise you by June 30th whether you have  been successful with your application to perform or conduct a workshop.

If you have any questions or need more info please contact us at perform@spruke.net.au

Spruke – Brisbane’s Ukulele Festival and Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society ( B.U.M.S.) reserve all rights in relation to the selection of performers for the festival.

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