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A Poem- The Headline Acts for SPRUKE

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Max Borchardt, SPRUKE 2017 Festival Director, and our resident wordsmith has penned this parody poem in honour of our big announcements this week.

If you’ve never heard of a parodies before they are comedic imitations of someone else’s work, usually paying respect to them.  We know parody is the sincerest form of flattery so enjoy Max’s poem inspired by Henry Lawsons’ Captain of the Push…. and stay tuned there’s more parody news to come.

The Headline Acts for SPRUKE

A Parody Poem (Captain of the Push by Henry Lawson)

As the winter skies approached, and the rains fell on the bush
From the bowling club at Coorparoo you could hear BUMS strummers “hoosh”
For the word had passed on down from the north and from the south
That SPRUKE feature acts were sorted, and the names were coming out.
With whistle and with song through the suburbs near and far.
The Festival Director announced the coming of the stars.

There is nothing more exciting for BUMS uke players to learn
Than the names of their star players, and when they’d get a turn.
To listen to performers who had come from overseas
To play with local talent, and to jam and shoot the breeze
So the Director called club members, and he told them not to fuss
Knowing how much they’d be excited with Ukulele Russ.

The murmurs of the BUMS, like flatus in the air
Was punctuated with a loud “hoorah”, but it didn’t just stop there!
To add to the spectacle of the SPRUKE Festival and show
The Director also told them they’d be getting Kyas Ryo
The loud roar of approval was beautiful to hear
And the BUMS of greater Brisbane joined in one enormous cheer.

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