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Max Borchardt recently spoke to Mark and Paul Morris about their world of uke and SPRUKE 2015.

“Our store is owned and operated by music teachers, technicians, and musicians. We have always had a passion for making music affordable and fun,” said Mark Morris, eldest son in this family business. “For us, the ukulele is an accessible instrument on which to start playing music, and it provides great pleasure for the beginner, as well as offering versatility to serious musicians.”

“As a family, we were taught the value of music, and discovered how it can enrich lives,” said Mark Morris. “There are so many academic and social benefits from playing a musical instrument, yet we know that only around 15% of the population gain these benefits. The ukulele excited us, because for us it is the one instrument that will help us reach out to the remaining 85%.”

Morris Brothers Music Store origins date back almost 50 years to 1967 when John Morris of the Australian Academy of Music established the business in Spring Hill. In 2001, Mark Morris (eldest son) established the business in Stafford to continue the legacy of a personal, family approach, dedicated to enriching the lives of other Brisbane families through music.

In contrast to other music stores, the Morris Brothers approach has been unique, totally focused on making music fun, easy and affordable. “We see our business as a way to help members of the public bring music into their lives. We encourage our customers to take lessons through organisations like BUMS, or from professional music teachers, and we are keen to help them choose the right instrument to get the most pleasure from their playing.”

“It is important to choose an instrument that is well made, holds its tune and has a beautiful sound.” Morris Brothers have carefully tested hundreds of models, and have identified three outstanding brands,” Mark emphasised.

Kala – No.1 globally; masters of creative stunning instruments in a wide variety of exotic timbers, from soprano size to the incredible U-Bass. These instruments have to be played to appreciate their quality.

Lanikai – famous the world over for a classic range of ukuleles in spruce, mahogany and exotic timbers. Lanikai ukes feature the exclusive ‘tune-a-uke’ system for perfect intonation.

Koyama – dedicated professional ukulele range enjoyed by players around the world. Koyama are masters at producing ukuleles from solid mahogany and solid Hawaiian koa, the most traditional of ukulele timbers.

These three manufacturers have agreed to sponsor the BUMS Inc spring ukulele festival, SPRUKE, and Morris Brothers will be presenting some their extensive range of ukuleles at SPRUKE.

Morris Brothers are also supporters of SPRUKE. “We have been proud supporters of BUMS for several years,” said Mark. “We also support the growth of ukulele playing throughout Brisbane with sponsorships at venues such as Ferny Grove, where we are involved in the monthly jam and the beginner’s classes, to give BUMS members the edge. We also offer discounts off many of our instruments. Currently we are offering 20% discount on EVERY Lanikai, Kala and Koyama instrument over $100. This discount will also be available to those who attend SPRUKE.

Mark and his brother Paul are keen to share the richness of the ukulele. “Come and visit our store. Our staff love playing the ukulele, and are passionate about introducing people to the uke! We offer Brisbane’s best range, including Lanikai, Koyama, Kala, Makai, Tanglewood, Anuenue, Aria, Mahalo and more. With an amazing range of instruments and extensive knowledge, Morris Brothers is your gateway to the exciting world of the ukulele.”





Lanikai Ukuleles presenting the SPRUKE Showcase concert on Friday 2 October at 7:00 PM. Tickets and Details.

Kala Ukuleles presenting the Spruketacular concert on Saturday 3 October at 7:00 PM. Tickets and Details.

Morris Brothers Festival Finale is a FREE concert Sunday 4 October 2:00 PM.

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