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UKESTRATION is a way of teaching skills to a group, combined with the wonderful flexibility of the ukulele, using appropriate and popular songs. Facilitated by internationally acclaimed professional musicians Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart who promote the James Hill philosophy of engaging players of all levels in an orchestrated manner. The technique has been adapted by Mark and Jane into a teaching method that has something for everyone from individual players to teachers and leaders of groups. Ukestration is a way of teaching ukulele that is fun and seductive; sometimes you don’t even know that you are learning music theory!

“I have attended their Ukestration workshops – and I  recommend them to anyone. These guys not only make the difficult look easy – but you will come away with a few new tricks up your sleeve and a better appreciation of Uke basics that will stand you in good stead in your ukulele journey.” says John Henderson, Festival Director of Spruke.

The results are nothing short of amazing when coupled with song arrangements so that everyone feels a part of a fun and rewarding musical enterprise, no matter whether they’ve been playing for an hour or a decade. All parts are complimentary and help create a whole that is greater than the sum. Mark and Jane lead Ukastle Ukestra who are widely recognised as one of Australia’s best community ukulele groups and have entertained audiences all over Australia and Hawaii since their formation in late 2009. Mark & Jane’s UKESTRATION workshop has been well received (and sold out!) from Singapore to Canada and the USA.

Some comments from previous workshop participants

This was amazing. I love how all different levels were able to participate to create a beautiful full sound. I hope we can continue more of this here locally

This was a very fun workshop. Having the group play different parts made the music dynamic. The instructors were very entertaining and engaging.

This was a bunch of fun, and I went home with a number of great ideas for working with my kids group!

At Ukestration you will learn and play 4 contemporary songs in parts that range from the dead easy to the challenging. All you need to know are 5 chords, and the names of strings. Mark & Janes Ukestration workshop is on Saturday in the ANZCA room at 9:00am. Tickets $20 

You can see & hear for yourself what can be achieved by using players of differing abilities in a large group when the Ukastle Ukestra, with Mark and Jane, perform Saturday on the Lanikai stage at 11:15am after the Ukestration workshop. 

Ukestration is a part of a program of workshops on Saturday Morning recommended for teacher, leaders of groups and parents of children learning the Ukulele. Following Ukestration ANZCA (Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts) launch ukulele into their exam syllabus with the release of “I Play Ukulele” co-authored and presented by Lesley Gentilin. More info

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