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Have you lost something at the festival?

Lost and Found

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After an amazingly busy weekend when we clean up we always find some things have been left behind!

Are any of these yours?

Found items
2 x water bottles
1 pair of “RayBan like “ sunnies (but definitely not dark blue)
1 pair reading glasses (ladies – tortoiseshell)- found in Green Room
1 x lipstick Revlon Rum Raisin- found in Green Room

Lost items:
Sally Gregory lost her favourite dark blue RayBans.
John lost his rimless graded prescription glasses. Photo of similar glasses attached.

If anyone found them please let us know info@spruke.net.au.

Ladies Specs found
Ladies Reading Glasses- Found in Green Room
Revlon Rum Raisin Lipstick- Found
Ladies Sunglasses- Found
rimless-prescription-similar- to- these_Lost
Mens Rimless Prescription Glasses similar in style to this -Lost.
Water Bottle 1 found
Water Bottle 1 found
Water Bottle 2 – Found

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