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Leah Flanagan brings her ukulele to perform at SPRUKE

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Leah Flanagan,  singer songwriter and winner of an Australian Performing Rights Association Professional Development Award 2013 is one of the headline acts at this year’s SPRUKE festival.

John Henderson, BUMS president, says “Leah is striking live performer and inspired songwriter who’ll deliver something special to the festival goers across genres.  Leah may be best known for her album Nirvana Nights with her beautiful performance of September Song on Ukulele. “

Billed as the Sultry Songstress of the Tropics, Leah has been winning the hearts of audiences all over the country at her many festival and solo venue appearances.  An amazing talent, her voice is said to remind some of Shirley Bassey or Lucinda Williams.

Mr Henderson said “Leah Flanagan will truly give SPRUKE goers something to talk about.”

Leah will be playing at the Saturday Night ‘Morris Brothers Music Store’ Concert in the ‘Lanakai’ Performance Auditorium at Southbank Institute of Technology on 21st September 2013.

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