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Hello world – a SPRUKE is born !!

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Congratulations Brisbane . . . it’s a bouncing baby SPRUKE.   Brisbane’s Ukulele Festival !!

Finally . . . .  the long awaited website.  The birthing process presented us with some minor complications but we are happy to report that both mother B.U.M.S and the SPRUKE sprog are doing well.  Follow the growth of our very own SPRUKE in the coming months, by checking in from time to time.

My sincere thanks to our sponsor – JDD Pacific for the web hosting services, and Jo Kunde, our Marketing and PR Manager for her work on this site, and many other things.

We’ve got a great festival team working hard  to get this festival happening, and we could always use some more volunteers to help us make this a Uke Festival our visiting performers and guests will talk about (in a good way).  If you’d like to help out click  here for some more information and contact points.

Stay tuned to this site to see the interesting stuff we’ll be adding between now and September 20th . . . .

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter  . . .  (links on the top of the page)


John Henderson, Festival Director.


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