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SPRUKE 2019 — BRISBANE'S UKULELE FESTIVAL Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September

To minimise frustration when completing this form, please complete EVERY field before clicking Send. Put N/A for any fields that are not applicable to your application.

Name of Act (required)

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To assist us in creating image files that fit our website and Trybooking templates, please send images files that meet these image specifications.
Image specifications: image orientation - landscape; minimum image size - 680x600 pixels or approx 10cm x 8 cm; maximum file size - 1MB; file format - accepts jpeg, jpg, gif, png)

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Brief Synopsis - Performer Bio (required - 250 characters with spaces, i.e. 3 lines of text for the program.)
Describe yourself or the members of your group and your experience. Include performer/s’ names, music type or genre.

Full Synopsis - Performance Description (required - 600 characters with spaces, i.e. a couple of short paragraphs for the website)
Describe your act in detail, including number of performers, instruments played and style of music. Please indicate how your performance will involve the audience in music making.

To assist us with scheduling your performance please indicate whether you are submitting an application to run a workshop, and whether you or your group are happy to lead jam items.

SPRUKE 2019 daytime concerts will run from the morning of Saturday 14 September until the afternoon of Sunday 15 September 2019.
When are you available? (required- Choose as many as you are available. You MUST choose at least one)

Except for the Sunday afternoon festival finale, all SPRUKE daytime concerts are free. This experience is priceless! Please bear in mind that we have a limited budget and might not be able to afford you if you request exorbitant amounts of money. Thank you for understanding.
Performance Fee (required)
Please do not include the cost of PA equipment usage or hire in your performance fee.

Stage Requirements(required)
Please tell us what you think you will need, e.g. DIs, mics, music stands, chairs, bass amp.

Anything else we need to know?

Thank you for your application to perform at SPRUKE 2019. You will receive an email confirming your application. If you don't receive it please check your spam. Applications close midnight Sunday 26 May 2019. We will contact you soon after.

If you have any questions please contact the festival committee via perform@spruke.net.au

SPRUKE 2019 — Brisbane’s Ukulele Festival and Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society Inc reserve all rights in relation to the selection of performers for the festival.