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Flight Ukulele comes from the enchanting country of Slovenia, a picturesque country that would fit perfectly into a fairy tale. The story of Flight Ukulele isn’t quite a fairy tale – there is no fairy godmother, glass slipper, or castle – but the story does involve a lot of hard work and the magic of music. The dream and passion of Flight Ukulele is to bring affordable, attractive, quality instruments and accessories to players throughout the world.

While we knew about and loved the ukulele, it was difficult to find quality instruments in local stores in Slovenia. We decided that we could not wait for better ukuleles to reach our part of the world, so decided to design and import our own ukuleles. This is how Flight was born. To our great pleasure, our instruments were a hit in our native Slovenia, and it wasn’t long until our products gained popularity throughout Europe.

Today the ukulele world offers more choice in instruments than there has ever been. Whilst the choices seem limitless, Flight has a philosophy that will always remain unchanged: Every Flight ukulele you own will possess our hallmark of passion and quality; whether it is your beginner ukulele or your first professional instrument.

We are grateful that, time and time again, our customers old and new come to us to share our mutual love for this outstanding instrument enabling us to provide the wide range of phenomenal instruments available to you.

Flight ukuleles are available in Australia from your local music retailer and print.halleonard.com.au/flightukulele/

Let your music take Flight.

Flight Ukulele are sponsors of SPRUKE 2022. Head to The Flight Deck for the Themed Jams and Beginner sessions. Take the ramp on the Anne street side of King George square above the Pig’n Whistle. There is also lift access.

Here’s a sneak peek at some new models that will be available in Australia later this year:

Flight Pioneer Solid Body Cherry Red Electric Ukulele

Get ready to channel your inner Angus Young! The Flight Pioneer, Cherry Red, Solid Body Tenor Ukulele is a dual cutaway steel string electric ukulele, offering the tonal possibilities of a true electric ukulele from the trusted name of Flight Ukulele. The Pioneer’s mahogany body is a timeless shape in a bold cherry red. The ukulele features a bound fretboard, hardtail fixed bridge, and dual humbucker pickups each with its own set of controls for volume and tone, plus a three way switch. With its classic looks and fantastic sound, you will be ready to rock in any venue, as well as to add any effect pedals, or stompboxes to your final amplified sound. Flight Electric Ukuleles represent great value and high quality–so buy yours today and take Flight on your electric journey!

Flight Nighthawk EQ-A Tenor Ukulele

At Flight, we love to innovate with new and unusual ukulele designs that you won’t find anywhere else. With the Nighthawk models, we wanted to create a ukulele with some of the most popular features of the Spirit and the Mustang but with a twist! The result is a sophisticated looking uke with eye-catching appointments like blue pearloid cutaway and binding, square off-set fretboard markers, and a dark and moody ‘moonburst’ finish! The Nighthawk is like the sports car of the Royal series – precise, agile and not for the faint of heart!


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