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David Hethorn- How Ukulele Changed My Life!

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Hi I’m David Hethorn, – Festival Director for SPRUKE 2015, Brisbane’s Ukulele Festival. This short story explains “How ukulele changed my life”.

Mum bought my first uke as a gift for me when I was three. I learned the basic uke chords quickly and took it to school with a book of songs that were easy and fun to play. I swapped the ukulele for trumpet in high school and played brass in a marching band.

In 2008 my wife brought home a bright orange Mahalo Uke that she wanted to learn. I still remembered basic chord structures and loved being able to strum and sing pop tunes. I am now the proud owner of several fine ukes including one I made at an “Ukulele Klass Event” before SPRUKE 2013.

The ukulele is the first instrument that I pick up when I want to play a new song. It has given me the confidence to play in a band and perform in public. I always travel with my uke and it has changed my life for the better.

Tell us how the ukulele changed your life and you could be our next Uke Star or win one of three music vouchers up for grabs. Find out more here.

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