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FREE Ukestration Workshop

Heard about ukestration? Seen it in action?

Let’s pack the Kala Concert Stage in the main auditorium.

Get to South Bank early, and give Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart, of Jack n Jel, their greatest challenge yet. Be a part of an auditorium wide ukulele orchestra (ukestra). Join the “joyous rabble”, and let Mark and Jane take you beyond the ol’ hum n strum!

All levels of players, from beginners to advanced are welcome because there are parts for everyone! And bring your vocal chords too! In the SPRUKE Ukestra you’ll learn contemporary songs that are arranged into parts. You’ll learn really fun riffs and new skills.

Mark and Jane follow up the free Saturday workshop by leading the entire Festival Finale audience in their Ukestration item. Buy your seats at the Morris Brothers Festival Finale while tickets last.

Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart, from The Sum of the Parts in Newcastle, travel the world for ukulele performances, and are in high demand for their Ukestration workshops.
From Hanoi to Hawaii, and across America, Mark and Jane have shared their exuberance for the humble ukulele.

Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart run ten weekly Ukestras (ukulele orchestras) for all ages, and teach ukulele in schools and after school in the Lower Hunter Valley.

“The very essence of ukestration is inclusion and fun for all. Arrangements for the ukestra include parts for players of all levels of ability, to stealth-teach music technique and theory, to create an entertaining sound, and to have fun. We teach ukulele, but more importantly, we help you connect to a community that values music in their lives.”

Find out more about community musicians at TEDxNewy – Mark Jackson – Everybody deserves music…nope, scrub that…everyone should play music.