CHUMS Music Hall Concert

  • Date: Sunday 5 June 2022
  • Time:14:00
  • Location: Compton Gardens Auditorium
  • Venue: Compton Gardens Retirement Community97 Albany Creek Road, Aspley

Come along and sing along with CHUMS

Music Hall Concert

Followed by a sumptuous afternoon tea

The CHUMS Music Hall Concert is included in the SPRUKE 2022 program held for family and friends of Compton Gardens Retirement Community with  all concert fees donated to Dementia Research.

Music Hall Concert
Sunday 5 June 2022
2:00 pm
Compton Gardens Auditorium
Compton Gardens Retirement Community, 97 Albany Creek Road, Aspley

Tickets $7 (available at the door) with all money raised going to Dementia Research Australia

Compton’s Happy Ukulele Musical Seniors (CHUMS) are a group of retirees who love to keep active. They love music, so what better way than with a ukulele band. This group of 20 seniors, some in their nineties, gather weekly to play music, keeping their fingers and their minds active. Led by Donna and Derek Farrell, the group plays a wide range of music from many genres spanning the last 100 years or so, on ukuleles and uBass. Many of the songs they play will be familiar to audiences, who are always encouraged to sing along.