Chord Construction using Patterns in Music

  • Date: Wednesday 8 June 2022
  • Time:19:00
  • Venue: Coorparoo Bowls Club32 Riddings Street, Coorparoo, 4151

It is with much regret that Chord Construction using Patterns in Music has been postponed due to the impact of COVID on our community. This workshop will be rescheduled for the next few months. All ticket bookers have been emailed 2 June 2022 via Trybooking.
Mick Angeles

Music is made up on patterns – Songs have a pattern in verses, choruses, bridges, refrains etc, tempo is a pattern, strumming is a pattern, rhythm is a pattern, chord arrangement is a pattern and chord construction has patterns. Recognising these patterns will make you a better musician. Scales have a pattern and learning that will aid you in chord construction and recognition.

All information will be projected onto a screen and audibly explained. Bring a pen and paper and feel free to ask questions during the workshop.

This hour long workshop is for participants is just above beginner to intermediate or anyone interested in learning how to develop chords and why do chords like C6 and Am7 along with numerous other chords on the Ukulele have the same structure but are called different names.

Saturday 18 September

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm 

Coorparoo Bowls Club, 32 Riddings Street, Coorparoo, 4151


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Please note: This is General Admission and an all ages ticket.

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I have no formal training but am a self-taught musician with decades of working professionally in the music industry. Teaching myself ukulele opened my mind to the wonders of Music Theory, in particular,” How chords are made”. I have been a keynote speaker for the last 10 years and want to share my new-found musical knowledge with all.

Mick has run workshops and instrument tutoring at many festivals and BUMS events including SPRUKE, the Bony Mountain Folk Festival, Woodford Music Festival, Gympie Music Muster and SCUF festivals. Prior to joining BUMS, Mick was a keynote speaker/presenter through his occupational placement with Universities, Schools, NGO’s, Police Graduates, Prisons and Children Detention Centres. Mick’s approach to learning an instrument is that “music is an emotion” so ‘feel the music’ and the rest will fall into place.