Ukuleleia is a fun group of finger pickers with a repertoire of sweet harmonies and melodies.  While the group focuses mainly on picking three or four parts, sometimes strumming or voice is added for variety.

Our group is a refreshing change from the standard line up of strumming ukulele groups .   With flying fingers we aim to dazzle with sweet harmonies and melodies and to spread the love of fingerstyle ukulele to the general ukulele fraternity.

Ukuleleia performs a variety of genres of music, including classical, jazz, rock and latin.  While we are mainly a picking group, we add variety to our performances with a few vocal numbers performed by our talented singers.  The rest of the group accompany them with picking and strumming.

Ukluleleia  formed just before COVID and rehearses on a weekly basis. Musical Director: Salli Chmura


SPRUKE On The Square
Saturday 11 June 2022
9:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Binary Music Stage, King George Square, Brisbane City

SPRUKE on the Square is a FREE event.

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Website: https://www.brisbaneukulele.com/performing/book-a-bum/