Tyrone & Lesley perform at Spruketacular 2021

Tyrone and Lesley

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Tyrone & Lesley are Australia’s best ukulele and double bass duo, pairing high and low in a binary orbit in the sparkling song space around the uke. Their battery powered torch songs and even odder numbers make them headliners with subtext.

“The subtlety behind each and every well-chosen note, the way the instruments braid themselves together, the clever intricacies in the timing and dynamics are sublime.” (Uke Magazine)
“the skill needed to pull our emotions from amused jubilation to sombre beauty is a rare one but these guys have it in abundance ” (ukeplanet)
“a charm that has you humming the tunes all the way home” (stagewhispers)
“It’s great to see people keeping the ukulele weird.”(ukulelehunt)
“eccentric and delightful” (brisbanestage)
“full of inspired silliness” (kamuke)

At Spruketacular 2021 we’ll be playing a lot of very new songs – one of them features some very special guests: you! On ukulele and vocals.


Saturday 18 September 2021
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Ron Hurley Theater; Seven Hills Hub
More information and book tickets here.


David Megarrity and Samuel Vincent (Tyrone and Lesley) offer a workshop in which we learn a new song, ‘Strumalong’ and perform it later in evening in concert. The workshop, open to players of all skill levels, offers learning around half-chords, simple strumming and basic choral singing. More information and book tickets here.

Workshop Room 1
3:30pm- 4:30pm