The Jazzuleles

The Jazzuleles are a ukulele duo based in Cairns. Shirley-Ann and Alison have been performing together since 2018 and are known for their tight harmonies accompanied by ukulele and percussion. The tropical vibe repertoire includes covers across varied genre as well as The Jazzuleles original music.

The Jazzuleles released their first album Happy Totem in October 2020. Their next delicious tropical release was an EP Mango Picnic in February 2021. Moved by the impact of Covid 19 upon the emotional wellness of the world The Jazzuleles wrote and released a full album of instrumental music for ukulele, to gently lift the collective human experience. The Aspire album was released in October 2021 under The Jazzuleles Ukulele for Wellness initiative.

Alison has been trained to play a variety of instruments including, violin, piano, mandolin, and bagpipes. This has provided different opportunities to play in ensembles, orchestras, and bands. So far, the most fun Alison’s had playing music is on her ukulele with The Jazzuleles.

Shirley-Ann taught herself to play guitar at aged 6 inspired by her parents and relatives in the whanau band! At school Shirley-Ann was in every available choir which helped cultivate her love of music and vocal expression. Shirley-Ann is studying a Bachelor of Arts in Health exploring how creative arts can be used to improve the quality of life for people living with disease.


SPRUKE On The Square
Saturday 11 June 2022
12:30 – 1:00 pm
The Binary Music Stage, King George Square , Brisbane City

SPRUKE on the Square is a FREE event.


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