After 17 years of sailing the seas aboard the pirate vessel Moby’s Dick, Mobimoth has returned like the moth he is to that well worn candle, to tell of his adventures through song. Known for his dulcet tone and his wide knowledge of scanty sea shanties sung in his panties, Mobimoth shows off his tight G string along side a sensitivity unknown in these parts by any man with his experience. Ladies tremble and cabin boys shudder when Mobimoth sings.

Hang onto your seats, clinch very tightly, and don’t spill your drinks. Gentlemen try to remain dressed cos when Moby moth sings underpants will be thrown!


Cabaret- A Night In Paris
Friday 3 June 2022
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Coorparoo Bowls Club, 32 Riddings Street, Coorparoo

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