Ferny Groovers


Ferny Groovers is a 10 piece community band including Ukuleles, Bass, Djembes & Percussion. We love to entertain with music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. All songs that you will know and love to sing-along with. We have a bass player, lead ukulele and a percussion section which really enhances the performance adding to our vocalists and rhythm players creates a lovely sound that is enjoyed by all ages. We are available for performances in the community at, for example, Aged Care, Clubs, Festivals etc.

Linda Gough: Vocals & Rhythm / Allison Rollo: Vocals & Rhythm / Glen Jarman: Vocals & Rhythm / Annie Heritage: Lead Uke & Rhythm / Lesley Allan: Lead Uke & Rhythm / Jenny Jarman: Percussion & Rhythm / Margaret Zordan: Djembe & Rhythm / Pam Brogan: Djembe & Rhythm / Judy Goldspink: Percussion & Rhythm / Kevin Buckley: Bass Uke


SPRUKE On The Square
Saturday 11 June 2022
12:00 – 12:30 pm
The Morris Brothers Music Stage, King George Square , Brisbane City

SPRUKE on the Square is a FREE event.

Ferny Groovers are a community group run by Linda Gough that have been put together for this SPRUKE event. The performers from this group are part of a ukulele community ‘Linda’s Uke’n’Sing’ that meets every Tuesday Morning at Arana Hills Church Of Christ for ukulele tuition & fun.

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