We are a group that came together through our involvement in NUMB BUMS, a Northside BUMS community band. We regularly present at the Northside Jam. Our members are also involved in providing guidance to a ukulele group based Wheller on the Park retirement complex, and as society opens up post-COVID, of performing for aged-care and other retirement and interested groups.

Our themed jam ‘Surprising Country/Folk Songs’ will lead our audience on a brief exploration of some interesting and perhaps not-to-often heard folk songs. Our band has four players that include tenor and baritone ukuleles, an occasional piano and harmonica. We all have a crack at the singing and have a high expectation that you will join in with enthusiasm.

Our jam will include folk songs (using the broadest possible definition) from a range of origins. Bring your ukulele (or mandolin or guitar or banjo or percussion or whatever) and help us bring these songs to life. And don’t assume you’ve heard them all before as our band has an occasional tendency to re-write lyrics.

Sponsored by Flight Ukulele


SPRUKE On The Square
The Flight Deck, above The Pig & Whistle, King George Square
Saturday 11 June 2022
11:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Themed Jam-Surprising Country/Folk Songs

SPRUKE On The Square is a FREE event


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