SPRUKE 2019 Wrap-up

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SPRUKE 2019 was Brisbane’s fifth ukulele festival. A festival with international, national and local talent. A festival for all, for schools, for beginners, and for ukulele players of all standards, seeking to step up and play, or to step up their playing. SPRUKE 2019 was the last SPRUKE for this decade, and we wanted it to be the best. After each festival we listen to what festival goers have to say. Planning for 2019 was[…]

Beginners Oasis 2019

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Welcome to the Beginners Oasis! This is what you can expect: Beginners Session 1 (Sat 9:30-10:00)    Peter McMeel Beginners Session 2 (Sat 10:15-10:45)    Adrian Board – G, D Beginners Session 3 (Sat 11:00-11:40)    Donna Farrell – C, F, G7 Beginners Session 4 (Sat 11:45-12:15)    Amanda Allwood – Am, C, D, G G) Beginners Session 5 (Sat 12:30-1:00)    Peter McMeel Beginners Session 6 (Sun 9:30-10:00)    Peter McMeel – Celtic songs Beginners Session 7 (Sun 10:15-10:45)    Donna[…]

Pre-order and pay for your meal to save wait times.

Speedy SPRUKE Menu 2019

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Sunnybank Community & Sports Club have speedy dining options for SPRUKE. Pre-order and pay to save wait times. This is perfect for those who have a tight schedule planned between workshops, catching their fav acts or any of the other activities over the SPRUKE Weekend. Pre-order your lunch or dinner from the SPRUKE Menu. This mean you can plan out your day, with no long waiting around. Sunnybank Community & Sports Club members only. Just[…]