The Pockets

This delightful foursome will send you swooning. Marked by close harmonies and featuring concert, tenor, banjo, baritone and bass ukulele along with melodica and kazoo, The Pockets bring you original and cover tunes brimming with frivolity, nostalgia and romance. Setting vocal interludes reminiscent of a 1940s radio show within the diverse genres of jazz, pop & folk, these songsters will charm your socks off.

The Pockets will perform at the opening concert Spruketacular and conduct a vocal workshop over the festival weekend. Stay tuned for the full program and ticket release.


The Pockets came together over a shared passion of 20s-40s era harmonies, Gin and ukuleles and have worked in many many professional groups over the years (Trichotomy, Doch, Frank Zappa Orchestra, Laique, Barb Fordham Quartet, QLD Philharmonic orchestra).

Here is some info about the players:

Kellee Green (alto & resonator ukuleles, vocals, melodica, kazoo)
Kellee’s superhero alter-ego is Harmony Girl (“saving the world, one suspended chord at a time!”) so it only makes sense that she does most of the vocal arrangements. Throw her some lyrics and the hint of a melody and she’s away! She also draws on her vast experience as a formidable jazz pianist, channeling her skills into impressive melodica solos. She is, without a doubt, the most enchanting, most versatile, most asthmatic melodica player we know. Kellee studied Jazz Piano at the Qld Conservatorium of Music and is an accomplished arranger, composer and musical director.

Kylie Southwell (baritone ukulele, vocals, kazoo)
Kylie is a great advocate for everything vintage, including but not limited to gin martinis, banjos, feathery head adornments and speakeasy era Jazz. She is therefore completely in her element composing and singing close four-part harmonies and strumming away to old jazz songs (and new pockets compositions… which just ‘sound’ old and dusty). Kylie is a natural chatterbox so it wasn’t surprising that she fell into the role of band spokeslady, PR manager & official gin pourer. Kylie studied at the Qld Conservatorium of Music and was front lady of early jazz Quintet, Laique, for many years.

Joyclyn Vincent (Banjulele, vocals, kazoo)
Joyclyn grew up singing in various choirs, showers and experimental vocal ensembles. She is the official archivist of pockets, documenting rehearsal plans, financial decisions and set lists with more enthusiasm than is generally necessary for such tasks. While her band mates look on, mystified, Joyclyn scribbles solfa symbols all over her charts in order to learn her part and she is not averse to clucking like a chicken during rehearsal to fill a solo gap.

Samuel Vincent (uBass, vocals, kazoo, whistlin’)
Samuel is, hands down, the nicest guy in the band. And the funniest. And the hairiest. His excellence in bass playing is only surpassed by his excellence in whistle solos. Samuel’s compositions are always quite a bit darker than your would expect given he’s so… ‘nice’! Samuel studied double bass at QUT and has worked in various outfits including Doch, Tricotomy/Misinterprotato, Laique, Miguel and the Qld Philharmonic Orchestra.